5 things you didn’t know about Reggie Yates

Many of us have grown up with Reggie Yates on our TVs and radios, from Grange Hill and Top of the Pops to BBC Radio 1. Recently, Reggie’s career has taken a more serious and factual route with his documentaries. These aim to tackle and break open areas of the world and cultures that are less well known, controversial or that many have prejudices against.

There are many interesting aspects of Reggie’s life, but below are five things you didn’t know about Reggie:


1. Started his career at age 8

Reggie was regularly attending a London drama school that set him up with auditions. His first paid job was at age 8, when he appeared on Desmond. There, he saw that black people were enjoying their jobs in this industry and this inspired him to want to become an actor.


2. Doesn’t wear bulletproof vests

Reggie’s documentaries take him to some particularly dangerous and scary place, but he refuses to wear bulletproof vests as he thinks that this gives off a hostile and untrustworthy vibe.


3. Massive interiors nerd

Not only is his passion TV and music, but he wants to open his own furniture shop. We will definitely be looking out for this!


4. He chose to sleep in jail

When doing a documentary in a jail, his producers wanted him to sleep in a hotel – but he thought this would be disrespectful. This builds on him not wanting to wear a bulletproof vest – he has such respect for everyone that he deals with, no matter their background.


5. He has set up a “wake-up call” initiative

The initiative was part of Sheffield Doc/Fest as he saw that there weren’t enough opportunities for young filmmakers to showcase their work. The initiative allows young people to do this to leading media executives.

Is there anything that Reggie can’t do? We at Bettering Education love the passion behind his work and he is proof that hard work, no matter your age, always pays off. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for Reggie this year.

– Issy Mansell


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