The skills that future generations need

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With the constant changes in society today, the skills that used to be essential in everyday life might not be as necessary in the future. As such, we are going to talk about the skills that the future generation needs in order to be as successful as possible.


IT skills

The demand for technology expertise is on the rise, therefore IT skills are a must for anyone looking to get a job. Even simple tasks now require technological expertise, so skills like touch typing, Microsoft Office and even coding could be seen as important for day to day life. There are some great resources online to help you learn how to do some of these things.


TypingClub is a site that allows users to train themselves in touch typing, and 10FastFingers allows you to practice and refine that skill through repetitive games. Both sites are good for beginners as well! You can see your progress over time and compete with friends. Code Academy allows you to learn basic HTML as well.


Public speaking skills

Even though not everyone is extroverted or extremely confident, the ability to present is a key skill for the future. Practice makes perfect, so any opportunity where you have to learn how to present is imperative. These skills can allow you to be a team leader in the future, or make yourself well known in your community. This is extremely important in helping youth be more communicative and voice their concerns, something that will directly help improve their futures.



Helping those around you or those less fortunate is a skill that everyone should have. It allows you to empathise with those around you and ensures that you are compassionate in everyday life. Many companies now integrate this into the workplace, through tasks such as charity expeditions or CSR fundraisers. Instilling this benevolence early on is a wonderful opportunity to create a more considerate future generation who are open to helping their wider community. Today, we have the chance to be philanthropic through various ventures. These can range from going on voluntary trips to fundraising events.


How are we helping bring these skills to youth today?

For the youth today, Bettering Education offers workshops that instill some of these ideas to 16 to 25 year olds who do not get the opportunity to develop some of these soft skills in their everyday life. The workshops instill confidence into them, which in turn makes them more confident to succeed in the future. What skills do you think are important for the future generation? How do you think we can instill these skills?

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