What is the Race Disparity Audit, and how can it help us?

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In July of 2016, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she wished to conduct a Race Disparity Audit. She wished to understand the disparities that affected communities across the United Kingdom, in order to implement strategies that would allow the government to reduce these disparities and make a more equal society.  It is the first ever report of its kind for the United Kingdom, and can help debunk many stereotypes about the communities within the region.

What is included in the audit?

The audit contains statistics and charts detailing information about different races. It comments on information regarding education, housing, public participation, crime, health and the workforce. It aims to help us understand exactly where disparities occur, which in turn can help us make changes to improve the quality of life of those around us.

Why did we need an audit?

The transparency of this audit means that we can understand a general overview of different ethnicities in the United Kingdom based on statistical data. The information from this can help us understand how policies can be adjusted to accommodate equality for all. For example, there could be programmes implemented to help the aging population from Asian backgrounds learn English. These strategies could help improve the quality of life for many of those who are below the poverty line, or struggling to find stable employment.

How can the audit help Bettering Education?

The information included in the audit can help us tailor our workshops to suit the needs of youth. For example, we can use the data on education to help encourage 16 year olds to continue with their education. Similarly, black and ethnic minority students are almost twice as likely to be excluded from schools. This information can be used to help try and understand exactly why this occurs, and research can now be conducted to analyse this information further.

Our workshops are designed to help improve soft skills and instill confidence, so they can encourage youth to aim higher and want to achieve more. The data from this audit can set benchmarks to help us set goals and consciously change what we are doing to improve the statistical data for youth. This means that we would be able to understand the quantitative data and quantify this information to improve day to day lives of those living below the poverty line. This is essential to ensuring that everyone gets an equal opportunity to feel a part of our society.

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