The Foxes Defeat

A small boy wondered parentless through a field he thought he knew. Although he didn’t have his mother or father by his side, he still remained calm as he had wondered this route many times.

As stars began to shine from the heavens in the twilight sky, a layer of mist settled, just above-ground level. Autumn was well and truly here.

A chilly breeze unraveled the boy’s scarf and blew it ahead. As the boy began pacing towards his scarf, he was taken aback by an unfriendly contorted scream. Obscene. Panic. It was as if all of a sudden the mist had turned into thick fog and the night turned ice cold.

Suddenly he was faced by a menacing fox who stood just as high as him. The fox looked as though he hadn’t eaten in days. Starving, it started to salivate. It’s hunger  brought about a demonic tone to this unwanted altercation.

The boy, frozen with panic could only stare back into the foxes devious eyes. He questioned in his mind. I’m fearing for my life! why? After a few minutes stand off, the fox began to circle. But deep within the boy’s soul he knew he had hope. Stars still shimmered in the sky. He had courage.

There was only one thing to do. The boy summoned his own animal instinct as subconsciously, he knew it was fight or flight. But flight wouldn’t work as the fox was faster.

It’s time to face fears. He knew his spirit was righteous and his soul was golden. He knew his current goal was to fend of this foe and retrieve the scarf.

The young boy screwed his face, silenced every decibel of doubt and transmuted his nerves into raw adrenaline. Unknowingly, he let out a kind of Aztec warrior cry as his small feet pitter-pattered towards the fox with hands extended, ready to rip the animal to pieces.

The concoction of hope, courage, innocence and unknowing parcelled in this small human body, cast a light so bright, the fox was dazzled and scampered away as if dazzled by a car in the streets of suburban London.

The emotions of pride, satisfaction and victory, occupied the boys every sense. Of course he felt like a King! Dopamine and serotonin swirling in his brain.

And as the mist disperses… I want you to think of what this story means to you… This is indeed a tale of confidence. This is a true story of someone I know. However, it is also a metaphorical representation of our battles in life.

3 Keys

  1. Fear and not the Fox crippled the boy.
  2. At that moment of confrontation, the fox owed an immense gratitude to the boy’s fear, for creating the perception that paralysed the boy.
  3. Once the boy was galvanised, fear was on his side and his friend.


“If you can make fear push you from behind instead of stop you then those who act as a engineer of this paralysis have two choices run from you or run with You.. either way you’ll be leading the march, living the dream” – Vinnie Sticks


I remember Levi Roots talking to me. He persistently said “…when I slayed the dragons…” he never described his feat in Dragons Den as a competition but as a battle against a mythical creature. He slew the dragons because fear was on his side. The result of that victory created the Levi Roots empire (Reggae Reggae Sauce). He took on the biggest dragons/investors in isolation and in the end, they were left with two choices. Run with him or from him. (A figurative representation of fight or flight).

There are many challenges we set ourselves and many unwanted obstacles that present themselves in our pathway. How many foxes do you defeat/ how many dragons do you slay? Are you the victor or the victim.

After all, we do have an unsung friend, courage.

Author: Connor Malcolm

Co-Writer: Vinnie Sticks


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