Why We All Need Hobbies

It’s not strange for a person our age not to have a hobby. We have so many responsibilities and deadlines to meet that we overlook anything that we have to do for our own mental well-being. The main reason for hobbies is to grow as a person, building on our strengths and confidence. We usually do overlook our own skills; it may be because of expenses or we have no time, but for our overall health, I’ve found that focusing on something for self-improvement does help our mental wellbeing. Here are some tips that I’ve put into practise to help you start building on yourself.

  1. Make a List

Make a list of all the things you want to achieve this year. Give yourself goals that you’ll be able to reach with your own personal deadlines. The only person you’ll be disappointing is yourself when you don’t reach these targets, so make sure you make it achievable, it is based around you.

2. Redefine Who You Are.

Most of the time we don’t start something new because it’s out of our norm. We need to focus on coming out our shell, proving to ourselves we’re able to move on from the custom life we have been living. Sign up to after school clubs or the local youth The only, they have plenty of free activities to choose from, prove to yourself that you can achieve better.

3. Make Time For Yourself.

The only way to do this is to finish the tedious and important tasks first; homework, revision, dishes. After you’ve done all that, I know sometimes we just want to wind down and not do anything, but I promise you, picking up your guitar or your pencil, or whatever tool you use will bring the inner peace you’re looking for. I like to take my camera out into the garden, get a close up of a ladybird or whatever is vibrant in colour at that moment and play around with the colours on the Snapseed app (Appstore/Playstore) before posting it onto my photography Instagram.
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4. The Costs.

Some hobbies do require funding to carry it on, but in the longrun we have to think of it as an investment. So before spending your whole bank account to pay for your hobby, think strategically, put a few pounds a day away and see if by the end of the month you’ll be able to pay for what you’re after. To save for my SLR camera, I spent 6 months putting away £50 from each payslip. I was then able to pay for the camera of my dreams, which was the most fulfilling moment in my life. But enough about me, you can also download apps for your mobile phones that budget for you – Yolt, Moneybox, which means less hassle for you, and they’re free! 

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