During the workshop in which I attended on 26th July organised by ‘Bettering Education’, me and the other attendees were split into 3 separate groups with a special guest and were giving the task of creating a campaign to help decrease the high number of knife crimes currently occurring around London, effecting youths between the ages 16 – 20 in particular.

Firstly my team had a discussion of what we wanted the concept of our campaign to be which ultimately was how education can give young people a purpose, instead of the misfortunes such as poverty or lack of support at home leading them down the wrong path in life. This gave me the opportunity to voice opinions on a subject that I feel strongly passionate about, because growing up in Croydon I have noticed that young people in the local area are rarely given the chance to progress, they are challenged with an education system that does not understand them, which is why so many young people especially in the Croydon borough are kicked out of schools and other education providers. Leaving them disadvantaged, lost and eventually resulting in them losing hope in the people who should have been role models, discouraging them from dreaming of a good career and bright future. 

My team decided on the name ‘More than the ends’ for our campaign which we thought was suitable as our whole aim was to show young people how they are more than the place where they were brought up, and no matter what area they are from, their postcode or what type of house they live in, anything is achievable with knowledge. The staff at bettering education were very supportive and praised us for our ideas which helped build my confidence a lot. 

Overall my experience was one in which I will never forget, I met some lovely new people and strengthened skills I will continue to use throughout life. I learnt how to take risks through the challenges we needed to take part in in order to obtain money which we used to fund our campaign; this also helped me develop a business mind by needing to budget and problem solve. The workshop also helped me to see things from different perspectives, as each person in my team had a different opinion on things which I am grateful for because I now know how to successfully work in a team. 

By Shania Roadnight

A great charity for a great cause!


Wonderful people hospitality was exceptional definitely would recommend

Khasin Muhudin

I would recommend anybody that wants to work on their confidence and wants to make a change in their community to join bettering education. I found that my experience was good and I learnt lots of things on the day

Kya Pemberton