BE is Bettering Our Community

According to Meik Weiking the CEO of The Happiness Research Institute, there are six pillars to happiness. The first is togetherness. Ironically, an average Londoner working at a major company and living in a major city may still feel lonely amongst the crowd. What is the cure for our increasingly isolated metropolitan existence? Weiking gives the following advice: smile and chat to strangers. 

That is exactly what we do at our Bettering Education Krispy Kreme events. We smile, we chat, and we connect. During these events in shared office spaces and corporate buildings, Bettering Education merges work and charity by bringing our mission to the work place. At Bettering Education, we believe every young person deserves the opportunity to move from poverty to purpose through the power of education.

As our Brand Ambassadors chat with office members about Bettering Education’s work, we foster a connection between an office and a local charity, between a successful adult and an aspiring young person, between a person and their community.

It is easy for us to get so caught up in the chaos of our daily lives that we stray from our community and are left feeling disconnected. We desire togetherness but spend most of our time thinking about ourselves, not because we are selfish but because we are overwhelmed. Our charity events interrupt this cycle.

By hosting events in work places, we allow people to fit charity into their busy lives and take a break from their own worries to focus on helping someone else. When people choose to support our charity, they are choosing to rejoin their community in a mission for improvement. When you give a donation for a Krispy Kreme you are not buying a doughnut, you are making a statement of hope and togetherness.

 In our increasingly stratified society it may seem that a young person from a disadvantaged background is completely disconnected from a successful professional, but we are all connected in our desire to live in a safe and prosperous city. The truth is, to create community we must accept responsibility for the shortcomings of our society and take action for a more equitable future. It is up to those of us treading the path toward our dreams to ensure that the gate is open for all young people to join us.

Through our Bettering Education events not only can we strengthen our charity to help the young people of London, we can strengthen the unity of our community. What starts as a conversation between strangers can become the first step in a journey towards togetherness. So, the next time you see a Bettering Education brand ambassador smiling at you as you walk into your office, stop by and have a doughnut—we’d love to chat. 

A great charity for a great cause!


Wonderful people hospitality was exceptional definitely would recommend

Khasin Muhudin

I would recommend anybody that wants to work on their confidence and wants to make a change in their community to join bettering education. I found that my experience was good and I learnt lots of things on the day

Kya Pemberton