DJ Cuppy Article

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola popularly known by the stage name DJ Cuppy is the definition of elegant and sophisticated. One for the future, this young fearless woman is shaking up the male dominated DJ arena and pioneering a way for female DJ. DJ Cuppy was kind, introspective and provided a lot of wisdom and gems for the younger generation. 

Afrobeats and DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy blended with a multicultural upbringing from living in America, London and Nigeria. DJ Cuppy prominence has risen in a time where the afrobeats has taken on a new global dominance in the music scene. Such is the popularity of the afrobeats sound global stars such as Beyonce and Drake have featured popular artists Wizkid and Davido on their tracks. The afrobeats sound is sweeping the clubs and dancefloor. DJ Cuppy has curved a career out for herself in this wave and is sure to be here for the long time. Our latest Broadcasting Excellence interview with DJ Cuppy is really insightful and she talks on her Upbringing, Sexual Expectation and Entrepreneurship. 


The interview is carried out by Rachel Bada and DJ Cuppy and carries a light tone whilst addressing some serious issues. There is even one point where DJ Cuppy does an authentic Nigerian accent reminiscent of Nana Odetola (DJ Cuppy’s mother) which is comical. The moment highlights DJ Cuppy’s fun and personable nature.

In DJ Cuppy’s short career she was announced the official DJ Ambassador for Pepsi and as of 2018 was announced as a Global Citizen Education Ambassador.

If you want to know more in depth on knowledge about this lovely young lady and who is set for an amazing future please watch the interview below: 

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