BE Workshop – Attendee Review

Attendee Review on the Bettering Education Workshop

On 25.10.2019 I attended a workshop organised and coordinated by Bettering Education (BE). This was a workshop that taught myself and other young people the keys to running a campaign and a business, as well as opening discussions on issues such as knife-crime and self-esteem. The main activity within the workshop was to create an enterprise targeted towards tackling knife crime, with a budget, a structure and a team of necessary roles needed to put a plan together.

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BE Exceptional – The Day

When I arrived, we were split into three groups and challenged by BE to put together a realistic project to tackle knife-crime, and other issues in society, which would go out into communities and be run by us. We were given a budget for things like promotional materials, advertising and resources along with the responsibility of allocating roles such as a CEO, a finance manager, marketing manager, etc, amongst ourselves and in the end every group had come up with an idea of a project they would create as well as working together to fill a budget sheet and develop an advert throughout the planning of the campaign.

At the end of this, we had a special guest speak to us about issues in society, like self-esteem, and allowed a Q&A session which generated meaningful discussions among attendees, the special guest and BE staff which left an impact on us all.


These activities allowed us as young people to generate skills that we do not learn in school or the environments that we are in daily. The workshop has been a trigger for a lot of great ideas and discussions that can be used by local authority and organisations.

Tasks like using a budget sheet, performing a pitch/giving a presentation and delegating roles have helped myself and the other young people who attended on how to improve our confidence, work as a team and how to budget, which would be helpful throughout milestones like university or living independently.

At the end of the workshop BE held a prize giving ceremony to not only announce the winners but also praise and show recognition to individuals who worked hard in different categories, from things as small as who dressed the most professionally to the greatest the greatest CEO. Hearing the different categories and reasons behind individuals winning the certain award, it allowed everyone to realise how to execute the different roles greatly and hear why the responsibilities were important. 


Overall, I think that the BE Workshop was extremely impactful and a great experience that I have learnt a lot from. The staff were motivating and had great expertise in the tasks and challenges at hand, as well as the day running very smoothly. The skills that I was able to develop are skills that I can use in not only different working environments but also in life and I look forward to the other workshops that BE have in store.

Overall, I think that the BE Workshop was extremely impactful and a great experience that I have learnt a lot from.

By Kayla Pitter

A great charity for a great cause!


Wonderful people hospitality was exceptional definitely would recommend

Khasin Muhudin

I would recommend anybody that wants to work on their confidence and wants to make a change in their community to join bettering education. I found that my experience was good and I learnt lots of things on the day

Kya Pemberton