Investment Banking Taster

How a webinar can change the face of the UK’s leading financial sector

According to Financial News, black people accounted for less than 0.5% of senior investment bankers in London, a striking fact that highlights the pervasive inequality in the financial sector. Considering the highly competitive nature of investment banking, it is no surprise that the sector also tends to favour graduates from elite universities, creating yet another filter of inequality as less privileged students are left behind. This creates an additional barrier; young people from state institutions that are not recruited directly by banks lack familiarity with the field. 

COVID-19 Response

With this challenge in mind and in line with the Bettering Education mission to provide the disadvantaged with the same opportunities as the privileged. Bettering Education organised an Investment Banking webinar with SkillsGym founder and investment banker Marc van den Berg. Importantly the online workshop is a response to COVID-19 which has restricted the socialisation and interaction opportunities.

Nonetheless it was essential that this did not limit the impact of our delivery. The objective of this webinar was to introduce a diverse group of young people to the field of investment banking and help them to pursue this career.  

The webinar gave young people real-life examples of what investment banking is and what it is like to be an investment banker. Additionally, Marc gave the young people actionable advice on how they can kick-start their careers. 


A total of thirty young people attended this event, and of those

  • 100% found the information covered useful
  • 100% of respondents found the information provided was useful
  • 100% of respondents felt this webinar made them more equipped to pursue this career
  • 95% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the event
  • 63% said they were significantly more likely to pursue a career in investment banking thanks to this webinar

Not only was this webinar successful in familiarizing a diverse group of young people with an exclusive field, it also armed young people with a variety of tips and skills that they can use to successfully enter this career. We hope that with more webinars like this one the future of investment banking in the UK will be diverse and highly equitable.

Closing Comments

By helping disadvantaged young people pursue high-paying careers that are historically inaccessible to them, we are able to increase social mobility and tackle poverty in the UK.

Please have a look at our Impact Report of the event to see the impact the event had on the young people.

Nuria Alonso

A great charity for a great cause!


Wonderful people hospitality was exceptional definitely would recommend

Khasin Muhudin

I would recommend anybody that wants to work on their confidence and wants to make a change in their community to join bettering education. I found that my experience was good and I learnt lots of things on the day

Kya Pemberton